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Want to apply for Ubuntu Membership?

Hello everyone,

I'm scott_ev and I've been a member of the Arizona Local Community Team since Feb. 2009 and an Ubuntu Member since July 2010. What I'm going attempt here is to walk you through the process of getting ready to apply for membership, and if I don't leave anything out, you should be successful on your first attempt.

trying to run my own linux server at home

domain from godaddy
forward to zoneedit ( this part if not working)
webserver is up and running (confermed)

advice? cant get godaddy to forward to zone edit. nameservers are in place but forwarding is not. only because I dont know what to put in the forwarding field. been looing at this for days. this is why IT people get paid so much.



We have just been Approved by Ubuntu as a official Team for another Two years. YEA!!!!!
I also want to note that we have 11.04 cd's and azloco email addresses
if you would like them please see me or a team member in the IRC
there is a link in the upper right corner or contact me. we are now planning a software freedom day event so stay tuned

Team Renewal Today!!

We be renewing our Team with Ubuntu today at 1 PM az time please join us if you can at #ubuntu-meeting on please contact if you need help. and we will also be meeting in
during the meeting. We also have azloco email addresses so if you would like one just contact myself or a team member on #ubuntu-us-az or the link on the right upper tab.


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