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Ubuntu-Arizona Weekly Newsletter, Issue #83

Welcome to the Ubuntu-Arizona Weekly Newsletter, Issue #83 for the week February 23, March 1.

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* Eighty Third Edition
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* Wednesday-March 4, 2009
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* Next meeting: Sunday March 8, 2009 9:00 PM
* Server: Freenode: IRC Channel #ubuntu-us-az

In This Issue:

Team Meeting 3/1/09

Great team meeting last night!! Craig will have the team newsletter out on Wednesday so you can get all the particulars. After some announcements, we got into the heart of the meeting. The talk mostly centered around the servers. Now that this site is up and running, we want to move forward to the next round of development for our website.

Test Server Outline

General Guideline
Test Server Address:

The main purpose of the test server is to test applications and services before installing them on our main server. The test server is also available for existing members to try their hand at administration on a server that is publicly accessible. This does not mean the test server is a free for all. Intentions and ideas still need to be communicated within our group. If you have been participating with our group for a long time and already have a regular shell account you may request access to the test server. Contact Shane Lofgren (slofgren), Todd Cole (toddc) or Scott Gwin (scott_ev) in IRC. If you can't reach any of us in IRC bring you9r proposal to the Sunday night team meeting.

To get some test server time in you must do the following.
1. Discuss your plans in IRC. This is a group and we need to interact as one. If there are not any concerns then...

Plug Westside Meeting Feb 25th 2009

The Phoenix Linux Users Group (PLUG) had their Westside meeting today. I attended it like I have been for the last couple of meetings. Several members had recently gone to SCALE in California, so most of the meeting was devoted to talking about what they did there. They said that it was a great learning experience, and a great way to meet many people that use free software. Hans even gave a presentation at SCALE which he went through with us. They are planning on going back next year and invite anyone that is interested to go along with them.

Woo Hoo!

I figured I should post something here before johnc4510 got after me. hee hee. Well. We did a lot of work on this site, and hope that everyone enjoys it. Hopefully johnc4510 doesn't break it again. :) Well. I think that's all that I have for now, so everyone have fun.


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