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Adventures of the Chromebook Part 2

So for anyone who actually read the first email i sent out they’d remember i removed the write protection screw from the Asus C200 that Rex gave me.. and then i proceeded to unlock the developer edition of the chromeOS and then i used (Firmware Utility Script) to overwrite the default BIOS of the chromebook with a custom EFI bios and then i attempted to install Antergos and had it fail to a EFI issue so i went with the Default Linux Distro for Chromebooks GalliumOS 2.1 for a while..

Cooler CPU Coolers

I have 10 Proxmox servers to maintain all are basically the same, AMD FX 8350 CPU and asus motherboards with several more servers coming soon. FX 8350's are known to run hot and stock coolers weak per web searches. AMD just released a new wraith Cooler to help this issue. Time to figure out if there is a issue and how to fix it if there is a problem.

Testing (this should work on any debian based system)
install these
sudo apt-get install lm-sensors (a program to check system sensors including temp)

Debian Service

I have found a couple Debian based distributions that have trouble turning off services at start up. To begin, services are background jobs that run on *nix systems. In compression to Windows they are what you can find by opening the task manager and finding the processes. You don't see the programs running because they are in the back ground. Most of these services are harmless but unnecessary. To stop a service in a Debian system type in the command.

sudo service servicename stop


sudo /etc/init.d/servicename stop


Useless cable/DSL modem info as noted from several recent projects

A question was asked about Cox cable modems and the need to do a custom routing to gain a external IP address The router is a Cisco DPQ3212 this one has VOIP. VOIP needs a IP address so you cannot by default turn off NAT or do a Transparent Bridge because the VOIP would need to be set up externally on another device, not inside the modem.

Secure Passwords

Many people who use a Linux Operating System believe that it is by definition a secure system and that they are in no danger. I was once told that Linux is like a room with all the doors and windows closed and locked. I have also been told that the only truly secure computer is one that is disconnected from the Internet, turned off, unplugged and battery removed (for laptops), and placed back in its box on the top shelf of the hall closet. The truth is probably some where in between.

Windows/Ubuntu Dual Boot time issues

I have been hearing that several Dual booted computers were have time issues
on windows at several local Linux events. after quick search I found

and in it is the answer and cure

Adjust Windows clock


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