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Adventures of the Chromebook Part 2

So for anyone who actually read the first email i sent out they’d remember i removed the write protection screw from the Asus C200 that Rex gave me.. and then i proceeded to unlock the developer edition of the chromeOS and then i used (Firmware Utility Script) to overwrite the default BIOS of the chromebook with a custom EFI bios and then i attempted to install Antergos and had it fail to a EFI issue so i went with the Default Linux Distro for Chromebooks GalliumOS 2.1 for a while..

What I did over my Summer Vacation

What I did over my Summer
or, Bring Me to Life: in which
I teach an old dog many new tricks

Call me old-fashioned, but I revel in finding vintage systems
and salvaged hardware. One of my favorite YouTube channels
is The 8-bit Guy, who
rescues old Commodores from attics and junk-heaps,

Cochise Linux User Group/AZLOCO Installfest

The Cochise Linux user Group in conjunction with the Ubuntu-Arizona Local Community Team will be conducting their third Installation Festival on 28 October 2017, 10-4pm at the University of Arizona South Learning Resource Center, 1140 N. Colombo Ave. Sierra Vista AZ.

Grub Customizer

Back when I was distro hopping after I became dissatisfied with the operating system that I was using, it was not uncommon for me to have two, three, or even four operating systems on the same hard drive. An incident occurred at the recent Installfest on the 3rd of December that brought to mind a a small application that I had used to change the default operating system, Grub Customizer.


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