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I tend to be on #ubuntu to help others. Today, an interesting question
popped up, how do I clean the old linux images and headers?

Each linux image / header has its own dir in /usr/src/

Let's start, uname -a ... do NOT remove this image

Let's do a sudo apt-get update ... make sure it is clean

If, for some reason, you get errors, try sudo apt-get -f install (fix broken)

Let's get a list of all the images, dpkg -l | grep linux-image

MIcrosoft For Free?!

I was perusing the news last night and came to the story that their is a rumor that Microsoft might produce a "free" O/S. Of course Microsoft is silent at this point but it is a very intriguing idea to say the least.

Quite frankly, I never understood the rivalry between Microsoft and Linux. Some take a very mature opinions while others will go out of the way to add fuel to the fire.


Oh the waiting!

12.04 has served me well and very soon the new LTS arrives. I am not brave enough for the beta release but it has been said it is far more quicker than 13.10. The sad news is that Mir (replacement for X11) will be not standard in Trusty but it will be in the repos if you wish to give it a spin. I decided to further the cause of ubuntu by introducing a set of videos from my You Tube friend. "jthelinuxguy" has given his blessing to share these.



test of win 8.1 and ubuntu 13.10 dualboot with UFEI and secure boot

Windows 8.1/Ubuntu13.10 UEFI, secure boot dual-boot installation instructions provided by wmack
Generic Box with MSIFM2-A75MA-E35 A75 FM2 R mother board
and a AMD A4-5300 3.4G CPU 4GB ram 500gb HDD

System with an installed Windows 8.1
Boot is set to use UEFI and secure boot
Ubuntu 13.10 USB, created with startup disk creator in an Ubuntu 13.10 system

Basic Linux Administration. The command "top"

The command "top" is a valuable command in the Linux command line. As a Linux administrator this is almost always the first command I use looking for Linux issues. "top" will show you many things, and I will discuss some of the important features of "top."

Here is an example of what you should see if you run the command "top" in the commmand line.

repsol@minime ~ $ top


Basic Linux Adminsitration CLI

Hello this is my first blog entry. I have had a request for help for beginning command line help. There is probably too much to learn for one blog, so I will try, and write several beginner blogs.

The shell is a way to interface with your operating system. It is popular because it is a quick way to make changes. It is powerful, and you can get a lot of info quickly through the shell. Other names for a shell are: BASH, Terminal, or Console (sometimes cli (comand line)).



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