Welcome to our team blog!!

Hello Arizona Team!! Welcome to our team blog. I hope you will all have some fun using our team blog for expressing yourselves. Please don't feel like you have to blog only about Ubuntu. Blogging is suppose to be fun and expressive, all we ask is that you keep it family friendly. Remember, our blog feed will be available in the Ubuntu LoCo Teams Planet area and available to everyone in the Ubuntu World.

You'll be able to link to video content from sites like Youtube, and have it show up right on your blog page. You'll also be able to link to pictures you store on sites like photobucket and flickr, and they will also show up on your page. You won't actually be uploading content to our site, but linking to off-site resources that will embed the content onto your page. To embed either of these off site resources onto your page, go to the resource and find the html code and copy it. Then just paste it onto your page. Finally, under "Input Format" right under the body of the text you wrote, select "Full HTML" instead of "Filtered." Then just save the page and it will appear wherever you put it in the body of the text. Here are a couple of samples for you to see.

Complaint Deptepartment
Guard your wives and daughters there's a mad Scotsman on the Loose!

It's just that simple. If you have questions or problems doing this, just ask and we'll help you out. Have fun, and blog it up!!