Seeing through windows

It has been forever in getting back here but sometimes life moves a little quicker than your ability to step.

My system is presently on overhaul and will have the needed parts in about 3 weeks.

I have been keep up with Windows 7. I was a bit bit taken back about Ubuntu's switch to Unity on it's future versions of Ubuntu. I am not opposed to the move entirely but it does place some concern in canonical's relationship with the GNOME project. I tried the 10.10 netbook edition on a HP Mini 210 and had a great deal of issue with the touchpad. A USB mouse would have corrected it but my expectations are that the touchpad should work out of the box.

Moving forward, Unity has a very simple interface but on this occasion, very labored. There will have to be some work. I look forward to 11.04. I don't think this should be something to jump ship on. I give Ununtu their props for moving forward with their own GUI. It's a brazen move but I look forward to the results.

I haven't found an irc client for windows yet but I haven't really looked. X-chat is a trial on windows. I was just a bit miffed about that. So everyone I haven't faded into obscurity just yet and hope to see all of you on the irc's soon.