Linux Installfest location change

Sat, June 6, and Saturday June 20 10am – 4pm
Gangplank, 260 South Arizona Avenue, Chandler, AZ 85225, United States

Bring your computer to get Linux installed, or get help with configuration issues,
or software. learn about Linux and open source or help others. Great fun! AZLOCO/PLUG event
we will help both on desktop and servers routers almost anything that has linux
depending on helpers that day

Debian Service

I have found a couple Debian based distributions that have trouble turning off services at start up. To begin, services are background jobs that run on *nix systems. In compression to Windows they are what you can find by opening the task manager and finding the processes. You don't see the programs running because they are in the back ground. Most of these services are harmless but unnecessary. To stop a service in a Debian system type in the command.

sudo service servicename stop


sudo /etc/init.d/servicename stop



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